Six week classes are offered at the Cummer Museum of art (904 355 0630) and at Reddi Arts (904 398 3161). Other workshops are also held in other locations. Private studio classes are available for one or two students at the CoRK Art District in Jacksonville FL. All demonstrations will be in acrylic. Students may use other mediums if they have had experience e with these. Please contact the artists for more information.


Classes and Workshops include:

Basis Painting – Six Weeks Classes

This class covers the basics skills necessary to paint successful paintings. Color mixing, value (the use of dark and light), composition, the use of materials and reference material, etc. will be covered. Every student will woks at their own pace and work in the style that is best for them. There will be demonstrations in every class and each student will receive personal attention in every class.  Students may paint still life, landscapes, floral and botanical subjects.


Painting Miniatures – 2 Day Workshop

This class gives that student a chance to paint several small paintings so they may experience different subjects, techniques and colors. More can be learned with small studies than working on one large work. Paintings will be 12 x 12 to 5 x 5, etc.

Landscape Paintings – Six Week Class or 2 Day Workshop

You can explore several kinds of landscape paintings in this class learning about “organic” perspective to achieve distance and mood. All the basics will be covered.


Color and Value – 2 Day Workshop

This class gives the artist an understanding on how to mix color. The knowledge of color is necessary to complete a successful work of art. There will be discussions of neutrals color, dark and light, warm and cool color, and how o achieve mood, depth and mystery with color.


Private studio classes available for one or 2 students.