Painting classes are offered at the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens and other locations in the Jacksonville Florida area. Allison Watson offers workshops in landscape, still life, miniatures, etc.

Contact the studio: 904 398 7145

  • Six week classes

These classes are designed for the beginning or more experienced painter. Six three-hour classes are offered. Color, techniques, composition and surfaces will be covered. There will be discussions of other artist’s work as well as demonstrations of different techniques on several surfaces. Every student will work at his/her own level and will receive individual attention. Every student will complete one or more painting. Classes are held in the Jacksonville area.

  • Private classes

Private classes are held in the studio at CoRK Art District for one or two students. There must be at least three class sessions scheduled. Classes are a three hour minimum and the cost is $50 per hour for one student and $35 per hour per student if there are 2 attending.



"Painting Miniatures" : Students will have a chance to create several small works on canvas or paper. Much can be learned by painting several small works, rather than one or two larger paintings. Students may choose to paint landscapes, floral or still life paintings. Reference material will be provided. Paintings will be approximately 6x6, 8x6, 8x8, 8x10, etc. There will be several demonstrations using acrylic and every artist will have personal attention and will complete several paintings. Color, composition and techniques will be addressed.

"Landscape workshop - Introduction to the World of Landscapes" : This workshop is designed to give an overall view of landscape painting and will cover the basics: color, techniques, perspective, composition and values. There will be several demonstrations using acrylic and every student will complete one or more original impressionistic or realistic painting on stretched canvas, panel or paper. Reference material will be provided.

" Color Workshop - Mixing, Theory, Values" : A new in depth look at the color wheel - the power and mystery of color will be explored. This workshop will cover color theory, mixing, color harmony, value, relationships of one color to another, dark and light, dull and vivid, aggressive and recessive color, cool and warm. Each student completes a painting using a color plan designed for his or her individual work.


Supply List for Basic Painting Classes

Students may use another medium if they prefer, but acrylic paints will be used in demonstrations because of their versatility. Artists' acrylic paint can be used on a variety of surfaces and techniques. The basic supplies will be reviewed the first class, so you may return unopened items if neccessary. Please call or e-mail Allison if you have questions. All supplies are available at Reddi Arts in Jacksonville.

Pigments - Please use standard acrylic paint in tubes. No craft, hobby, or cheap versions of paint. (Two students may share paint.

Colors - Titanium white, Mars black, Cadmium yellow (medium), Cadmium red (medium), Crimson, Phalo (Phalocynine) Blue, Cobalt Blue, Phalo (Phalocynine) Green, Burnt Sienna (optional)

Miscellaneous - (brushes, surfaces, etc.) :

  • One 16"x 20" or 12" x 16" canvas pad
  • Variety of three or more canvas boards or stretched canvases: 10"x12", 10"x8", 14"x12", etc.
  • Brushes: round, flat, bights, filberts in a variety of sizes from #3 to #12 (brushes can be for acrylic, oil or water color and must be in good condition.
  • Large container for water for acrylic (necessary for oil painters)
  • Cotton rags
  • White Styrofoam, or china plates, or disposable pallets
  • Carry bag or box
  • Small sketchpad or computer paper for sketches
  • Small watertight plastic containers with lids (recycled deli containers, washed)

Reference material: Several photographs of simple subjects - bowl of fruit, basic landscapes, etc. Nothing complicated, no portraits, or groups of elements in one reference. Some reference material will be provided. There will be a discussion and examples shown the first class. Reference material will also be provided.

Optional supply

  • Small t-square
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Vine charcoal (soft) and white chalk
  • Pallet knife
  • Tracing paper